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If you’re looking for a new spa filter, the obvious place to begin is in the Parts Catalog (see button in top navigation). You’ll get an instant list of all parts you can find here, including information about Balboa Instruments found under "Control Systems," and Jacuzzi pump parts, located in the "Spa Pumps and Parts" section.

Likewise, a search for a new spa filter will begin in the "Filter and Parts" section of the Parts Catalog. Place your order now or, if you are unsure of the model you need, look directly above this section and select "Filter Elements," for the easy to use "finder" tool. You can search by dimensions, brand, manufacturer or diameter of threaded filters, if your spa filter is threaded in.

Try out this search tool to find out how effortless is finding the right filter for you spa. While you’re visiting the "Filter Elements" page, scan the FYI list that lets you see right away the importance of changing or replacing spa filters according to the manufacturer’s maintenance guidelines. See below for more general tips on spa maintenance, courtesy of the spa experts at!

Spa Filter + Clean Water

Spa Filter

You can do the best job of protecting the life and performance of your spa when you know the facts. If you are looking for the goods on what is really needed to care for your spa, this is the place to go. Bookmark us today and come back whenever you have a question. You can use these resources, contact us, or use the "Live Help" tool located to your left.

Meanwhile, you’re invited to learn all there is to know about having clear, clean water in your spa. We’ve provided a guide to the chemicals and products that can be used to guard against viruses and bacteria, located under "More Info." Feel free to use these, share them, print them out and post them in a convenient location, etc.

Let us know how we can help … We carry what you need to care for your spa, thus our name. For more than thirty years, we’ve been there for hot tub owners located in all corners of the globe, providing everything from spa covers with vapor proof barriers to spa filter models to suit the spa you enjoy season after season. Please shop our catalog or send us an email at for assistance. We’re experts and we care!

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